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"Oh no, more goblins!" is a 1-bit 12x12px tileset/charset with goblins!

Inspired by the design philosophy of MRMOTEXT, it consists of "shapes" and "specialized tiles", and is primarily intended for use with top- or side-view projects, rogue-likes or platformers.


"Specialized tiles"

The tileset currently consists of around 400 tiles, including some tile transformations and a couple of animated tiles, along with a basic 6x6 pixel font.

The tileset is 1-bit, meaning the tiles themselves uses only two colors, making it especially suitable for use with "textmode" art editors such as Playsciiand REXPaint, as they allow for effortless foreground/background color selection and easy arranging of tiles.

The asset pack contains a charset for use with the Playscii editor, in addition to the tileset itself.

A 22-color palette, "Goblin22", intended to use with the tileset, is also included.

This tileset will also soon be included as part of Tidbits "Deluxe".

*Update* Extended (work in progress) version now available!

A work-in-progress version of the tileset is now available; it will get updated as I continue working on it. The ultimate goal is to double the available tile number, adding a bunch of critters, items and other stuff, including the 2x2 "big" entities.

The tile positions are not final, and are probably going to shift around as the extended tileset gets completed!


"Oh no, more goblins!" may be used in both non-commercial and commercial projects, excluding those relating to or containing non-fungible tokens ("NFT") or blockchain-related projects. It may not be used in conjunction with artificial intelligence or machine learning projects. You may modify it to suit your needs. You may not redistribute or resell it. Credit is not necessary, but very much appreciated.

I'd love to see what you create using this tileset! I'm on Twitter and Mastodon so feel free to show me your work there!

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AuthorMrmo Tarius
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Amazing asset. So much varaity and endless possibilities .. and to top it off, it just looks fantastic.

Thank you very much!

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thank you so much for the new stuff you are working on, This has got to be my favorite asset ive ever gotten on itch! everytime you put up more screenshots with the stuff you make with this just shows how much variety you can make with such a small tileset.


Thank you very much! I am also planning to expand this tileset with more stuff, similar to MRMOTEXT Extended :)

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These are so cute! I'm on a little break from gamedev but next time I need to prototype something I'm SO grabbing this! It's looooovely! 💚💚💚 Edit whatever I'm grabbing it anyway

Thanks a bunch! I'm working on expanding the base tileset with even more stuff :D


This looks great and the palette too


Thank you very much!




Really nice when i finish m project i buy this asset really cute i have hope u can make similary asset to rpg maker mz u know Monster/NPC items ect then i can buy insta for 20 dollar :) 


instant buy!

Thanks a bunch!