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you could use laptop's camera to emulate reflections on screen


respectfully, clean your screen!!!


Hello Mrmo, thanks for all your hard work and for sharing these tools with the community. I was wondering, is it possible to render a sprite with a transparent background?

Hey! I think that with some modification it would be possible to either render black as transparent or use the input image alpha, but due to the way the entire process is set up (including the use of camera lens blur) I guess the results wouldn't exactly be clean, and would require lots of internal rewiring to get it running properly. Maybe just mixing the shader result with a transparent shader using the input image alpha would be enough? I just never thought about including transparency into my CRT emulation processes since it usually involves rendering an entire display at once :D


Is there a possibility to use this shader for my game done with gamemaker? This render effect is so good!

It's entirely Blender-based, so it's not possible to use it directly in other engines; however, feel free to take a look at the nodes if you'd like to take a shot at reconstructing it in a shader format that Game Maker uses :D

oof… that is beyond my limit with shader since i only know the most very basic shader i was able to create: silhouettes behind a wall done with a texture… XD;

Any word on when TriCRTops might be available for Cycles?

Hey! I think I managed to get it to display properly in Cycles, I'll try and update it soon!

I FOUND THE SOLUTION! Went back to the material today to mess around and see what the issue was. I noticed a bunch of random regular nodes like noise wouldn't even show up properly in Cycles, and I eventually traced it back to the first UV Map node.  All you need to do is uncheck the "from instancer" option in the UV map node at the very beginning and the material will work fine. For anyone else who came here looking for the issue that's the solution if it hasn't been fixed by the time you see this.

Hi! I'm completely new on using Blender.

For the 'Basic' version, instead of pixelart image, does it support an animated pixelart?

As far as I'm using Blender (although I'm completely new), Blender doesn't support .gif formats (CMIIW). Because of that I had to convert the animated pixelart form .gif into .mp4/.avi format. I replaced the template input file into the video format I just converted. I tried changing the file format on the render output into video file. I also tried messing around with the frame number. Then I render it as an animation. However, only the first frame that was rendered.

Is there anything that I missed in the settings/rendering process?? Or is there a special case for animated gif/video files? 

Thank you.

Hey! Yeah, Blender refuses to acknowledge gif format exists :D

Here's the steps for rendering an animation:

-Provide either frame-based or video input;

-Check the "cyclic" and "auto refresh" options;

-Edit the "end time" value in the timeline to match the number of frames of your input;

-Modify the render output settings as needed (set output path, format, resolution etc)

-Render -> Render animation (default shortcut Ctrl + F12)

Hope this helps!


Thanks! I initially did the same as you wrote here and it didn't work.

Then I realized that I was using an outdated version of Blender. After updating it to the latest one, it finally works flawlessly!



I'm a Blender noob, but I can find my way around. I want to purchase but is it possible to use the CRT without the television model/border? What settings do I change for that?

Hello! Have you considered using the free "Basic" version? It includes the shader without the monitor model.


Thanks for the response. I will download and check that out!

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hey there it is a rar file ? I mean... addon? or just open the basic "blend" file one time before I need to render? I mean... I need the blend file to all my purpose or addon installation? thx.

If I pay you 10 ? I receibe a rar file? or simple installation ? thx


Hey! This is not an add-on, rather, it's a .blend scene with everything already set-up and just needing a texture (image) input plugged into the shader and setting up the resolution before rendering the result.


Yes I downloaded the free vertion, I think the most basic one... do you planning to create an addon of this? it is very useful , I can get the same result with some tricks on photoshop and external app. thx.


Hi! Really enjoying this. 

Does it require the screen plane, or can it be replace with 3d objects?

Hey! I'm glad you like it!
The majority of the effect is achieved using the material shader (the rest is camera blur, bloom etc), so sure, you can apply it to any UV mapped object and it should work!


this is pretty fun, I made this with it:

and probably use it more later, thank you :)


Hi!I got a question: what should I do if  I wan to use this tool in Unity2021?

Hey! MRMO-CRT is Blender-based, and is as such best suited for rendering various showcases or adding CRT "flair" to existing assets/images, as well as being used in Blender 3d scenes as a material shader.
Also, feel free to pick the shader apart and reconstruct it in Unity or other developer platforms/engines if you want!


Great tool - I've got some simple experience in Blender and it's very straight-forward to use. I enjoyed all the different settings to get the image to display as I need it.


Thank you!
I'm currently attempting to make a tutorial of sorts for people who've had no experience with Blender, but are interested in trying this out- a couple of things like changing the image texture, customizing render settings and actually rendering the scene :)


Wow. This is fantastic! How did you learn about shaders?


Hey thanks! I got introduced to node graphs with Tilemancer, where I learned the basics of how a node graph works- from there, it was relatively easy to move on to Blender's node-based shader and compositor editors :)


Thanks for the pointer. I'll check it out!