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Do we need Tilesetter to use the tiles made in Tilesetter? Or is a .tset file just *included*?


The tilesets in question are included in .png format; Tilesetter .tset projects are included as a convenience, but Tilesetter itself is not needed to use the tiles :)

Just had to be sure--thanks!


Hello! :D

I just bought this wonderful asset, and then I noticed that there were some Naw files in it. 

I want to know how I can turn them into "tileset. png" files? 

Or, how can I use them in Unity? 

Hey! Thanks a lot for supporting my work!
The .naw Tidbits are made using NES Assets Workshop, you can open them using this tool and extract whatever assets you'd like in .png format!




These are wonderful, amazing work. The packaging is a very cool touch :D


Yeah, cool as ever.