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"Paint Tiles" is an experimental, hand-painted set of tiles that's primarily meant for rapid creation of various art and concepts.

All tiles were digitally painted by hand, with rich impasto and realistic watercolor effects, using a modification of the ubiquitous DB-16 palette as base.

It currently consists of shapes (oil, tarnished oil and watercolor variants) and "splats" along with some sharper, crayon-like "detail" tiles.

The downloadable archive includes a sample Tiled project.

The tile dimensions are ~100x100 pixels (128x128 with margins) and ~200x200 pixels (256x256 pixels with margins).

Here's a video showcasing the creation of a simple scene using Paint Tiles with the Tiled editor.

Even though this is a work in progress project, it's very much usable in its current state. I will keep updating it with new tiles as I'm painting them.

*Update* Demo tileset added!

A free, 25-tile demonstration "sampler" of Paint Tiles is now available to download.

A sample Tiled project is also included, aimed at demonstrating how Paint Tiles can be arranged into compositions using layers.

*Update* More tiles added!

More tiles have been added to the main "Paint Tiles" atlas, including alternate slope orientations, various circles and semi-circles, as well as some experimental "metallic" tiles.

*Update* More tiles added! 

More tiles have been added to the main "Paint Tiles" atlas, including 26-degree slope lines, and "V" tiles and lines.

*Update* More tiles added! 

More "charcoal/crayon" pattern tiles have been added to the main "Paint Tiles" atlas, and a new "Paint Text Tiles" atlas was included with basic text tiles in two colors. There were also minor touchups (two tiles got accidental splats of paint which was removed in this update).

*Update* Animated Paint Tiles! 

A bonus experimental animated tileset is now included, with various paint/watercolor tiles and pre-set animations in a separate Tiled project. These tiles, inspired by Wigglypaint, use the Retrotronic 5-color palette by Doph as base, and are (palette-wise) incompatible with the "main" Paint Tiles; they are intended as a fun bonus tileset for wiggly, dynamic art creation.

*Update* Isometric Paint Tiles! 

A bonus experimental isometric tileset is now included, along with a sample Tiled project.


The "Paint Tiles" tileset may be used in both non-commercial and commercial projects, excluding those relating to or containing non-fungible tokens ("NFT") or blockchain-related projects. It may not be used in conjunction with artificial intelligence or machine learning projects. You may modify it to suit your needs. You may not redistribute or resell it. Credit is not necessary, but very much appreciated.

I'd love to see what you create using "Paint Tiles"! I'm on Twitter and Mastodon so feel free to show me your work there!

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StatusIn development
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AuthorMrmo Tarius
TagsExperimental, oil, Painting, tiles, Tileset, watercolor


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This is an intriguing idea. I love how they look and I love that they were handpainted

The cool thing about this is you can make visual art of any kind and it has a unique and appealing look


These are extremely cool, love how versatile they are


I'm a huge fan of your tilesets and this was an instant buy for me, but I've never used tiled or tilesets in general before. Do you think you could make a quick tutorial/recording of you setting up these tiles in tiled? It'd be a huge help :_


Hey, thanks a bunch for your support! I'll try making some sort of tutorial in the near future :)


Thank you, I appreciate it! After poking around some more, I realized you've included a blank canvas where we can paint, which is already extremely useful. But if you ever have the time and energy for a tutorial/breakdown of this file that'd be super kind of you. Thanks again for your work!


A video showcasing the creation of a simple scene with Paint Tiles using the Tiled editor should now be up on the project page, check it out!


You're amazing, thank you so much!!


You are truly amazing for making this 馃憫, thanks for the updates 馃挍

Thank you very much! More updates incoming :D


wow, looks great


This is one of the best tile set鈥檚 I鈥檝e every seen!


And this is why I love modular tiles, the amount of combinations & creativity is practically endless. This is awesome 馃憦


I'm intrigued by these, they're very different to pixel art but there's something about them that appeals to me.

Your terms say they can't be used for AI but does that include generative art? If I were to write all the code that places the tiles then I assume that would be ok?


That would be absolutely fine!


If generative image AI is what you mean to specifically prohibit, it might be worth just saying that in the license text. "Artificial intelligence or machine learning projects" could be interpreted pretty broadly, especially by anyone that doesn't know anything about those topics, or who hasn't been keeping up with AI art news.

Of course, I get it if you just want to head off as many potential future problems as possible.

(Also, is there a reason you haven't updated the license text in your older projects to say anything about generative AI?)


I indeed want to head off potential future problems, given the breakneck pace the entire AI "art" situation has been developing. 

I don't know how good it would be or how much sense it would make to update the licenses for my older projects after a couple of years they've been here on Itch, and even then I don't have the means or methods to enforce these licenses- I'm just one person and I'd rather focus on creating more interesting stuff than spend what limited time and resources I have dealing with that.


Using tinted layers, one could get a lot of mileage out of just a white version of these tiles, with all the texture variants - users could set their own colours to their taste, even if the resulting colours wouldn't be quite as dynamic (less hue variation). Is a set of tintable tiles something you might provide eventually?

That's a neat idea! Do you have a recommendation for a tileset editor that supports per-tile tinting?

I'm currently concentrating on painting more tiles to cover more shape variations, but after that, I could try and make a single-color tileset for this purpose.


Tiled has per-layer tinting, which could be used just as effectively. I'm not familiar with other generic editors. Tinting a quad is one of the easiest things to do, so I suspect the reason per-tile tinting isn't common is because it'd require annoying GUI work, and isn't commonly needed.


Another approach could be to make hue, saturation and brightness changes via a shader in your prefered Game Engine or manually in Photoshop via the HSL layer.

eg. https://www.reddit.com/r/godot/comments/tyji8r/seeking_an_hue_shift_shader_with_...


Beautiful and very much inspiring! Will buy them for my next project


amazing job I surely will buy them


Looks great! I wonder what normal maps would do with some dynamic lighting.


Looks stunning.