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Hello, have you checked the video demonstrating the basic usage of MRMO-STITCH? It's on the project page.

In the current version, you'll have to input the image/stitch resolution manually in the scene->format input boxes.

Got this for my mum but the integrated GPU of her new-old PC wasn't thrilled with blender itself so it's on the back burner but very cool prototype environment. (This runs great on my own iGPU and fine on an actual graphics card obvi. Your plugin itself is very lightweight if these comments have any weight.) This has craft potential to rival a roomful of baskets of threads and textiles IRL when you think about how quickly parallax photography and physical projection frames like Looking Glass are going to come in the next few years. This will let people create so many knick knack desktop projections. Won't even need gaussian splats cause we've got MRMO-Stitch.


Hey! Thank you very much! I tried optimizing the geometry as much as I could while still getting reasonably detailed results, but yeah some machines with integrated GPU just don't run Blender all that well (if at all) :/


Wow this really looks fantastic! The texture of these images makes me feel something, its looks so tactile. I don't know how to use Blender, but when I do I will try this.


Thank you very much! I tried to make it easy to use for new Blender users, check out the basic usage video :D


Any idea how possible it would be to port your shader over to Unity to use in a game?

It would require reconstructing the entire setup, as it instances "physical" stitches on a canvas as opposed to just using a material shader :) 

It would definitely be possible, but it falls outside of my area of specialisation, as I haven't worked with Unity before :/

No worries! I love your shaders and might attempt it one day!


Amazing shader as always! Keep up the great work, I can't wait to see what you make next!

ah if there was a web shader version…


This is amazing. It looks amazing. I can’t wait to use it somewhere, somehow


I met some problem. When I open the file and switch to “rendered” view, it's just blank. Did I missed something?

Hey! What version of Blender are you using?

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god bless you for the "no dont use this for NFTs lol" provision 



I'd love to have such effect in game :)


This looks awesome !


OMG,Really Genius Tool! I think it would super useful at indie anim