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Great Work

Thank you!

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turned this cool tileset into a 3d tileset!

Hey, are you planning on making premade terrain sets for this in Tiled too?


I played with this idea for a while, but ultimately left it alone since for various reasons I found it a bit too complex for what I was trying to accomplish with this tileset (for example, CONGRUENT doesn't have several "border" tiles since at that resolution they wouldn't be visible/would be hidden behind other tiles; also, it would mean creating terrains for every color variation which was just too time consuming for me)- there's always an option of creating the terrains yourself, though :)


You should put up some example pictures of its use like you did with the other $5 one you released recently...

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I tried integrating snippets of examples all around the page, but having dedicated "screenshot" examples is probably a good idea :)

*edit* I added some tileset usage examples!

Awesome set!

Thank you!