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Hey MrMo, love this tileset! Here's a super-quick thing I did with it, run through CRT-GEO.

Great! Thanks a bunch for your support :D

I am wondering how many base sprites/tiles it has and how many  types of variant?

The tileset is packed into a 256x256 pixel image; the tiles mostly consist of dungeon-themed building blocks, there's several "gradient" variations of most objects, a basic Latin character set, several animated tiles and there's a handful of sprites with basic 2-frame walk cycles and attack states. A large "secondary" tileset featuring several color combinations of the basic tileset is also included.

The entire tileset along with most of the animated tiles is supposed to be featured in the project screenshots, so please take a look at them!

Can I use it for Unity 2D engine?

Hey! It's a tileset, you can use it in any game engine of your choice :)


can I  not buy the   tile   set   and   make   a   game?

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Just hopping in to say that your restriction against NFT usage is hilarious and awesome and made me literally lol.

Keep it up, I love these!


this looks cool but i dont have money

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Hello!I want to  know how   many NPC sprites  there are,   and  can  I  use  Chinese  text  in  it?  Moreover,  if   I   buy   it,   can    I  design  some similar   NPC    sprites?


There's two "shopkeeper/quest giver" npcs, a bat, a skeleton and a cyclops with basic animations. They are all featured in the screenshots on the project page! They're meant to be "examples", as the tileset is really about level/dungeon/location creation; the tileset being 8x8 pixels, it would be very easy to create or import additional NPC sprites. I have also tried working with 16x16 sprites for both the protagonist and the NPCs and it worked pretty good.

The tileset comes with a basic Latin font (there's a list of the included characters/symbols); I guess if you have an appropriately sized Chinese character set, it would work fine with the tileset.

Hope this answers your questions!


ok,thanks my friend

Now my friend had bought it for me as a gift, but    I got  a question. I   open the  zip   and   find   a   huge   picture   “MiniAdventuresDX color variations-1.01.png”,   but   I   dont   know   how   to   slice   it.   Can you email me a tutorial?

thanks   very   much!

Hello! The "color variations" image is the MiniAdventures tileset in 16 different color variations (the "color swatches" also included in the archive), with and without transparency.
It is just an example "meta-tileset" I included to show how you can get a lot of color variations by swapping the four colors of the tileset!

I thought some of those tiles were in your $5 tile set you released a while ago?


The "specialized tiles" section of MRMOTEXT was based on MiniAdventures, but the tiles themselves are largely different; also, MRMOTEXT is 1-bit (2 colors) while MiniAdventures uses 4 colors. They actually work very well together, as MRMOTEXT can "expand" MiniAdventures with simpler shapes and some additional details. I might do a bundle!


Ok, thanks mate! ❤️❤️